Monte Cristo online pokies review and guide - real money online gambling

Monte Cristo- A Slot with a Difference

The Amaya Gaming Monte Cristo slot game certainly is something different for online players. In fact, when you first look at this particular Monte Cristo slot, you might think you are mistaken, or that you have been taken to the wrong game. The reason is that this game does not resemble a typical real money online pokies game, or at least not in the same way that you might be used to. The first thing you might notice in this slot is that you will actually not find any game reels that you can spin. In order to replace this feature, there is actually a ball that bounces around the screen. This ball then breaks through a number of different obstacles, which will all reveal different symbols or prizes.

There are two different bonus rounds in this particular online slot game. There are also free spins on offer in the game, which always offers good bonus opportunities of claiming a prize. When you first login to start playing this slot, you will actually be given 10 balls that you can use. As you might expect, as you continue through the game, you will in many cases receive additional opportunities to get more balls that you can set off bouncing around the screen. The choice is all your really in terms of how you decide to approach the slot.

Monte Cristo Slot Online Features

Interestingly, many of your standard game play strategies will not be suitable for this slot. For instance, you will not be able to choose how many coins to wager per spin, because in this case there are no spins that form part of the game. This is just one of the ways in which the Monte Cristo pokie is unique. However, players of Monte Cristo still do have the option of customising their playing experience. Players can choose between a minimum amount of 0.02 to play, right up to a much larger amount of 500. This means that the online pokies game is still suitable for all different types of players.

If you are able to reveal the heart symbol while playing Monte Cristo, you will receive three additional bounces. However, players should try to avoid the skull symbols, as these have the opposite effect, and will actually cancel out any bonus bonuses you might have.

If you are able to land or reveal the bomb symbol this will then actually blow up and reward you with wins from all of the surrounding boxes. It might take a bit of getting used to, but players will find something unique in this game.

Monte Cristo Online Pokie Symbols

For full details about how the game works, as well as what all the Monte Cristo symbols mean, just read up a bit about the game at your favourite online gambling site like Lucky Nugget Casino. Some of the symbols that you will come across in this pokie include rings, coins, chests, and gem icons. Depending on how much you have wagered, and on what symbols you manage to unlock from underneath the boxes, you can win various amounts. As mentioned, it is also possible to trigger and activate a number of extra bonus bounces.