Asia Poker Game Details

Details about Asia Poker Game for Players

Poker is one of the most commonly played card games across the world and because of this there are many different forms of poker that have surfaced over the years.

One of the many variations, and a game that seems to be increasing in popularity, is Asia Poker. Asia Poker is based on the well-known game of Pai Gow Poker in the fact that there are multiple hands and players play against the dealer.

This game can seem confusing to beginners, however is extremely enjoyable when the rules have been learnt. Asia Poker can be played online for free or for real money.

Asia Poker Card Deal

Asia Poker begins with players placing their bets before the cards are actually dealt, with the option to place a bonus bet as well.  Each player will receive 7 cards out of a 53-card deck (standard 52 cards plus one Joker) and cards are dealt face down.

Bonus Bet Feature

Players have the option to place a bonus bet while placing their ante wager. The bonus wins are determined by the type of hand that is achieved.

The highest, and bringing in 5000 coins, is given to a player that receives 8888 plus 3 of a kind. 5 Aces awards 800, a Royal Flush 200, a Straight Flush 80, a Straight flush with a Joker 40, Four of a kind 30, a Full House 5, a Flush 4, Three of a kind 3, a Straight 2 and lastly a 9-High that awards 10.

Arranging Cards

Players need to arrange the cards they have been dealt into 3 separate hands, a high hand made up of 4 cards, a middle hand with 2 cards and a low hand consisting of only 1 card.

Players have to arrange their hands in the space provided in order to play against the dealer, and 2 out of the three hands must be won in order to win the game. Thus, a player’s high hand heads up against the dealer’s high hand, a player’s middle hand is compared to the dealer’s middle hand and a player’s low hand is up against the dealer’s low hand.

Playing Asia Poker

Asia Poker Rankings

In order to arrange your cards correctly you need to understand the rankings in Asia Poker. For the high card hand (4 cards), the rankings are as follows: four of a kind, royal flush, straight flush, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, one pair and high card. The middle hand (2 cards) can only have a pair or a high card, meaning there are no flushes or straights in this hand. The low hand is simply judged on the higher card.

The high hand must be higher in value than the middle hand and the low hand must be the lowest in value.

House Ways

In every game of poker and in all casinos across the world, there is something called House Ways. The house ways are ultimately a set of rules and guidelines that games are played by. House ways prove beneficial to players as it stops the dealer from cheating.

House Ways also allows players the opportunity to have their cards arranged for them. However, when choosing house ways it is important to remember that they are in place to minimize a casino’s risk and therefore won’t always give you the best possible hand.

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