Tips and Strategies for Video Poker Players

Five Core Tips and Strategies for Video Poker Players

  1. Practice for Free

Thanks to this digital online and mobile era we live in, video poker players now have the benefit of having a whole range of free-to-play video poker games available at app stores and online casinos. This provides, for the first time, the opportunity for video poker players to simply browse the games, learn to play, and practice strategies. What’s more, one can generally find the very same variant or theme as a paying game, or be able to explore new ones at leisure, though most importantly, without expense.

  1. Find & Research the Best Casino

Likewise, we have the perfect tool to find the very best casinos and games, readily available on our phones and PCs, and that’s the internet. Whether it’s a live casino you are looking to visit, or whether it’s an online site, or mobile app, a bit of research and investigation will let you narrow it down to the very best. A few important things to look out for that mark a quality casino are:

  • The variety of games and their quality.
  • A decent sized player-base, with a good overall user-experience.
  • The ready availability of information, such as the casino license, the T&Cs, and the payouts.
  • A guarantee for prompt and reliable payouts, and preferably with a reputation to back it.
  • All the most common, safe and secure transaction methods are available.
  • A decent customer care service is available.

There are a large number of quality casinos that you will likely find in this manner. Once you’ve narrowed it down though, you can begin to compare the odds, special deals and bonuses, and the payouts offered by each. Try to include reading as many reviews as possible and from different sources, to get best idea of what to expect.

  1. Study the Game, Rules, & Paytable

Every video poker game should have readily available information on the game, its rules, special bonuses, and also the list of payouts for each bet, commonly called the “paytable” or “payout table”.

Other information should include what is known as the RTP, Return-To-Player, percentage. This is an average percentage of return one can expect from wagers, measured over time.

Playing Video Poker

This is all a very useful for video poker players to guide and maximise their decision making, and potentially, their profit, before, as well as during play.

  1. Choose a Game to Master

Because there are so many different video poker games out there, it’s very easy to jump from one to another, searching for something new, or perhaps, looking for better “luck”. Best thing to do though is, once you find a game you like, to try and stick to it, learn it through and through, and rather refine how you play instead of starting all over again with a different game.

  1. Responsible Bankroll Management

Last, but definitely not least, setting a strict budget for video poker at places like, including a loss limit, and keeping the frequency of your games and bets at a reasonable level, is a sure-fire way to prevent loss, and therefore, to win more.