iPad Tequila Poker Described for Players Online

If you own an iPad from Apple, you can access a wide range of mobile casino games and play online for free or for real money. One of the most popular mobile casino games at the moment is iPad online Tequila Poker. This unique mobile casino card game is a combination between poker and blackjack where players can choose between two separate types of card games once the cards have been dealt. In the notes below, we are going to look at the basics of Tequila Poker and how you can get started playing online.

How the Game Works?

iPad online Tequila Poker is a card game that is played on a single table similar to blackjack at https://onlinecasinogames.co.nz/blackjack. On the screen, players will see a card table with a betting area for the ante bet and the play bet. The player is situated at the bottom of the screen with the dealer at the top. On either side of the table is the paytable for both High Tequila and Tequila Poker. The game begins with the player placing the ante bet. This can be done by tapping on the chips at the bottom of the screen and swiping them into the ante bet area.

Analysing the Cards and Choosing a Game

In a game of iPad online Tequila Poker, a player always starts by placing the ante bet. Once the ante bet has been placed, the dealer will deal the player four cards. Players must analyse the four cards and decide what type of game will best suit the card set. A player has two options, firstly the player can choose to play High Tequila or the player can choose to play Tequila poker. If a player feel that the hand is a dud and they want to cut their losses, they can tap on the fold button and forfeit their ante bet.

Choosing High Tequila

In iPad online Tequila Poker, a player can choose to play high tequila if the hand has a lot of face cards or aces. High tequila uses a point system to create the highest score possible. Each card 2 to 10 is worth its face value. The Jack queen and King are worth ten points and the ace is worth 11 points. A player can choose to play High Tequila by tapping on the button at the bottom of the screen. This will double the ante bet in the play bet area. A further two cards are dealt in the hand. To win the bet, a player must have a score of 46 or higher. The higher the score, the more the player is paid out.

Choosing Tequila Poker

If a player is dealt a hand that contains two pairs or a promising poker hand, they can choose to play Tequila Poker. In iPad online Tequila Poker, this is where a player plays a standard game of 5 card draw. Players can choose this option by tapping on the Tequila Poker button. The play bet will be double the ante bet and two additional cards will be dealt. To win the bet, a player must have a pair of aces or higher. Standard poker hands are used in this game with a Royal flush paying out 200 to 1.