Overview of Dam Rich Online Casino Slot

Overview of Dam Rich Online Casino Slot

The game play interface on the Dam Rich slot from Cryptologic allows players to adjust all of the game settings. The Spin button needs to be pressed to start the next round of spinning reels. New players should remember to check that all the settings are correct, such as the value of the next bet, before they press the spin button. For example, if you do happen to land the top winning combination, but the value of your wager isn’t at the maximum level, you might discover that you are not eligible to claim the main jackpot prize.

The Bet Max button is an instant way to place the maximum bet and to activate all paylines. If you are going all out to win the Dam Rich slot main jackpot prize, just press the Bet Max button to be sure that you are eligible for the big win. By using the Bet button, you can select the amount that you wish to bet on each payline. The autoplay feature is useful for players who are distracted, or who have something else to do at the same time as they are trying to play.

Dam Rich Slot Standard Features

There are some basics of the Dam Rich slot that will be of interest to experienced players looking for a new slot to play. Like various mobile slots NZ, this is a 5 reel slot game, with a total of 30 paylines that can be activated. This is not a progressive jackpot type of slot, and so the main prize on offer will be the same every time you login to play. However, the winnings are impacted on by the size of your stake for each spin.

The bet per line can be set anywhere from 0.01 up to 10. The maximum bet for a single spin is 300, with a maximum payout of x1000. The Dam Rich slot does make use of both a scatter symbol and also a wild symbol. These function in much the same way as other slot titles. There are also free spins up for grabs in the Dam Rich slot from Cryptologic. Free spins are really just a way to keep playing the game for longer without spending any additional money. Free spins are free chances to get some extra wins, so be sure to look out for these.

Dam Rich Pokies Online

Dam Rich Slot Online Paytable

The Dam Rich slot game does provide the option to view the game’s paytable at any time while you are playing. Experienced online slot players will know how useful this feature can be, particularly when you are playing the game for the first time.

There are a number of different symbols that are used in the Dam Rich slot, and all of these create different winning combinations, which pay out different amounts. The paytable will show you which symbols create the best winning combinations. If you are aiming at the big win, then look which combinations are required to win the main jackpot. Also take note of the betting requirements to win these main prizes. The paytable can be opened up and referred to at any stage while playing the Dam Rich slot.