An Overview of Stickers Online Slot

If players ever pondered on what a modern fruit machine slot online would look like with perhaps a small change in diet, then they need to do so no more for that is pretty much exactly the result on the reels of this Stickers online slot game from NetEnt. This slot features reels of fruity stick on symbols and a rather classic approach to overall style and character. Those players familiar in any capacity with the older land based fruit machines will have no problem connecting with this slot given the inherent similarities with perhaps a slight change of fruity diet on the reels of this particular fruit machine slot online Stickers.

The game screen may look quite classically based but this slot game from NetEnt still plays like a more recent online slot. It consists of 5 reels with just 3 rows of symbols running horizontally across. Joining the symbols in this non vertical approach is also the pay lines for this slot, of which there are 20, a number which is not adjustable in this Stickers slot game but compensates for this by have in coin size and bet level options, arranged neatly below the reels on top of this. The theme and style of this slot game is clearly on the minimalist side of online slot gaming and so couples well with the overall theme design.

Sticking up to Thematic Online Slot Expectations

Whenever a more modern online slot game attempts to produce a game that deliberately nods toward style of the passed this can really only go one of two ways. Either players like the game for the nostalgia, the simple gameplay and overall simplicity of the game or they ultimately don’t. Plyers will quite quickly realise however which of them are which players as they open this Stickers slot game and glance a first visual taste of this online slot theme in question. The graphics of which are not bad and coupled with the fresh design approach to the classic fruity symbols this makes for some pleasant spinning experience.

On the reels of this Stickers fruit slot players will indeed find a fair few of the seeded, pipped kind of vegetation, all done of course in the style of applicable adhesive images. These fruit include plums, oranges, kiwi, strawberry and more, so not quite what the older fruit machine classic had but along a similar vein. These fruit are joined on the reels of this Stickers slot by a few similarly styled playing card symbols of which NetEnt are ceaseless fans.

Going Down Bonus Feature Memory Lane

With any slot game online that panders to the aforementioned style of older, classic fruit machine gaming draw with it a moral paradox, to add more or less to the bonus features on the reels. With this Stickers slot NetEnt decided to stick to the basics and keep the feature relatively simple for an online slot game. These largely revolve around the sticky Wild spins that Canadian casinos players can trigger which grants respins when Wilds land on the reels and even locks said Wilds in place on the reels to do so. Overall not a bad addition to this minimalist online slot classic.