Steam Tower Touch Slot Review

Victorian Style with Steam Tower Touch Slot

Mixing a little make-believe in with an idealised view of the contemporary history can make for quite a sight and with this mobile slot it doesn’t just play out on the reels of the game either. A large part of the setting of this Steam Tower Touch slot game comes from the scene laid out along and behind the reels of this slot. Here players will notice the top hat wearing central character who features largely throughout the game as well as in the bonuses. The graphics of this game come across well, highlighting and enhancing the reels as a divergence to detracting from them. Add to this some decent sound tracks and a well catered background and the scene is set on this NetEnt Steam Tower Touch mobile game online.

Because an image tells a thousand words the reels of this slot game have a whole novel’s worth of story to tell and consist of all the quantifiable aspects required to label this a Victorian aged fantasy mobile slot. This includes the likes of steam engines, dragon’s eyes, and distressed looking damsels and of course the hero of this Steam Tower Touch game story. Overall these do create quite a vivid picture on what this game is all about.

A Quick Dip in Bonus Features Too

A few slot bonuses can really make or break an online game at Canadian mobile casino sites and with this Steam Tower Touch mobile game they have luckily only added to the experience with this one. The main feature of this game is the free spins and is triggered through one of the Wild bonus symbols available, the above-mentioned protagonist of this mobile slot story. Land this unique symbol on the reels in its stacked formation and begin ascending a mini game tower to reach the distresses lady stranded at the top of it. Along the way players might encounter various multipliers and more alongside some effective free spins. Overall a solid bonus offering from this NetEnt mobile slot game Steam Tower Touch.

A More Comprehensive Review of the Slot

For those that wondered what the industrial revolution would have looked like if it had a few more protagonists, a damsel in distress or two and even a dragon, then they shan’t have to wonder much longer for that is essentially the theme of this Steam Tower Touch game from NetEnt. Blending together the fictitious with the historical this slot has some able graphics and a unique overall design that makes it quite enjoyable to play and even watch as it spins around and around. Like many slot games a large quantity of the story can be garnered from the symbols on the specific reels and with the ones included with this game players certainly get quite an earful.

Whilst the symbols on the reels of this Steam Tower Touch online slot might tell a certain tale, it is the gameplay that says the most and with this mobile slot this consists of a set of 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols. Along these reels there are just 15 pay lines running horizontally across them and below said reels there are the usual assortment of betting and other options that NetEnt games are notorious for having. There is also of course the aforementioned adventure styled free spins bonus feature that wraps up this Steam Tower Touch mobile slot game and puts quite a shipshape bow on the top of it.