British Rule Card Game Explained

British Rule comes into play in many card games that are played by people all over the world. This rule is sometimes referred to as the Commonwealth Rule and is a variation to the standard set of rules found in a card game. British Rule simply states that if the United Kingdom’s reigning monarch is […]

Tips for Improving Your Poker Run Strategy

In the world of casinos, some games have just proven to be more popular than others. Poker is one of them. There are plenty of different variations of this game that have emerged over the past few years. However, it must be noted that amongst these variations are online counterparts. For many players, being able […]

The Evolution of Video Poker

Video poker was not one of those inventions that took the world by storm when it was created. In fact, the first video poker game – it was called ‘Poker-Matic’ – was created by Dale electronics in 1970. There was a lot of hope for the machine, but unfortunately it simply did not catch on […]