Davinci Diamonds Dual Play Online Slot Summarized

This a sequel slot game from developers IGT games, and like the first one this game is centred around the famous artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci as well as including a few extra gemstones to add a bit more glitz and glam to the proceedings. That being said, in this DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play the setup of the game is rather different from the first, and rather unique compared to most online slot games. This is because instead of just one set of reels this online slot game incorporates two set into the game, allowing players to spin both simultaneously. Overall this sequel slot game promises a few of the same things as the first as well as enough added extras to make it perhaps just that little bit better.

From the gameplay aspect of this DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play online slot game, players will find that there are two sets of 5 reels, with a total of 40 pay lines across them. On the screen this presents itself as 5 reels above another set of 5 reels, and includes the usual manner of betting options available on these sorts of IGT games online slots. This unique gameplay also allow for a few extra bonuses and overall gaming action, as well as a few from the previous slot game, like cascading reels and even free spins.

Exploring the Artistic Theme on the Reels

DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play has a rather extensive theme highlighting the game and the features within. Obviously based on the aforementioned artist and inventor, players will find various references to these works as well as of course various gemstones. The graphics of this slot game are also quite great, having been developed by IGT games on an already successful model of the game this isn’t too surprising. The other thematic aspects add a little something to the reels and the gameplay and include the likes of a backdrop, the sound effects and the overall atmosphere perpetuated when these all come together.

The specific of the symbols are perhaps best left for the players to properly discover themselves through this DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play slot’s two sets of reels and of course accompanying pay table. However a rough overview includes several of the late artist’s paintings, a few other slightly more abstract symbols and then a whole collection of brightly coloured jewels, replacing the rather stale selection of playing cards symbols found on many online video slots.

Artistic Bonus Features Found on the Reels

Like any good modern video slot game DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play has a few bonus features hidden up its sleeve to make the action on the reels reach some rather lofty levels. The first and perhaps most crucial of these features is the cascading reels. In this online slot not only do the symbols disappear after wins are formed, and then replaced from the top by new ones, but this feature expands to accompany the other set of reels too, allowing for quite a bit of cascading possibility.

The free spins of DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play online slot from IGT games is triggered through the extra pay lines bonus symbol, when players land it on reels 1, 2 and 3. This feature is able to be retriggered and awards 6 free spins as well as 20 additional pay lines with which to play with.