The Top Five Most Popular Slots Based On Classic Movies

Slots machines, believe it or not, have been in existence, and a popular feature of casinos, for practically over a century now. Over time, there have been countless new games created, with new, exciting, and entertaining themes and features to entice players. In recent decades, movie-based slots in particular have steadily climbed to the top of the popularity list.

Here are five of the top movie-based slots available at online casinos.

  1. Jurassic Park

Since its release by top casino game company, Microgaming, in 2014, Jurassic Park has become one of the most popular and successful movie-themed slots to be found at casinos.

Based on the celebrated 1993 Hollywood blockbuster classic directed by Steven Spielberg, Jurassic Park is superbly designed, and features intense and exciting music, imagery, and movie footage. It also includes a host of entertaining bonus features, and a generous payout.

  1. Terminator 2

Another masterpiece by Microgaming, Terminator 2 is based on the 1991 James Cameron classic sci-fi blockbuster movie of the same name, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and is also hugely popular amongst slots players.

This brilliantly crafted game includes a fun and engaging array of features, and also epic music and footage from the movie that really draws the player into the action and excitement of the gameplay and action. It also boasts a massive 1024 ways to win!

  1. Rocky

The Rocky slots game, based on the classic boxing movie franchise with Sylvester Stallone, is another all-time classic of movie-themed slots.

Though the visuals are somewhat aged in comparison with newer slots games, it seems the creator, Playtech, got everything right with this game. It boasts a fun and engaging style of gameplay and bonus features, nostalgic music, sounds, and imagery from the movies, a player-friendly design, and also a high percentage of payout.

  1. Planet Of The Apes

The game company NetEnt is famous for slots with exceptional graphics, audio, and innovative features and gameplay. It was no surprise then when their slots game, based on the first two movies of the Planet of the Apes franchise reboot, Dawn of the Planet Of the Apes, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, was an instant hit.

The atypical dual-play layout of this excellent game features two 3×5 slots that represent each of the movies. Further bonus features that effect both areas during play make this a truly unique and engaging slots like no other.

  1. The Dark Knight

The moody 2006 Christopher Nolan superhero film, starring Christian Bale as the famous caped crusader, and the late Heath Ledger as his evil nemesis, the Joker, was a huge success. So too is the classic slots game adaption by Microgaming.

This exciting and action-packed five-reel game boasts 243 ways to win, a number of exciting features that include a progressive jackpot, and tons of bonuses, such as an extra complimentary bonus game. It also has excellent graphics and music, as well as footage from the most memorable moments in the movie.