Diamond Wild Slot Basics and Guide

Diamond Wild Slot Basics and Guide for You

Diamond Wild is a progressive jackpot online slot game. It stands apart from similar games for a number of reasons, mostly because of the unique style in which the game is presented. Diamond Wild does not offer much in the way of special effects or amazing graphics, but what it does do is masterfully create the illusion that the player is sitting in a real world casino.

The reels are placed in a virtual slot game, seeming to be located in casino, plus, the illusion is further pushed by an ambient sound of other players and people nearby. It’s true that this illusion doesn’t exactly make the game easier or better to play, but one can’t overlook the value of a strong ambient theme to help a player become mesmerised.

In terms of game play Diamond Wild uses a standard five reel, twenty play line system, but allows the player to manually select both play lines and the bet per line. These options provide a great deal of strategy to the proceedings and make for an exciting experience. The focus of the game is, however, on the progressive jackpot.

Symbols and Standard Play

Diamond Wild sticks to the traditional slot game symbol designs, including the lucky seven, cherries, double bars, triple bars, a bell, a dollar sign, and diamonds. The most valuable standard symbol is the lucky seven, which can be matched a maximum of five times and minimum of three times. After the seven in terms of value comes the dollar sign, followed by the triple bars, which both payout a good amount if matched five times.

The least valuable symbols in the game are the cherry and the bell. Note that Diamond Wild does not use the ten, jack, queen and king of playing cards, which is a welcome change in terms of originality, and something other slot games should be taking note of.

Playing Diamond Wild Slot

Bonuses and Special Features

The Free Games symbol can be matched anywhere on the reels, regardless if they are adjacent to each other to not. When this match is achieved the player will instantly be granted twelve free spins. Best of all, during these free spins every win will payout double its normal amount, paving the way to a quick does of cash for the player.

Note, however, that Diamond Wild does not allow further free spins by matching the Free Games symbol during free spins. Instead, if the Free Games symbols are matched they will payout enormous amounts of cash. The real reason anyone is playing Diamond Wild, however, is the progressive jackpot, which is triggered by the diamond symbol. The diamond symbol can be matched anywhere from three to nine times, with greater payouts for each consecutive match. A nine times win will, of course, payout one hundred per cent the current progressive jackpot, which will be a life changing amount in the millions. An eight times match is still an immense sum, and equally likely to change a life. Matches below this, however, although still considerable are not as likely to break the bank.